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Our Solutions

Online Business Kick-starts

We cover all aspects of a startup right from choosing the right domain name to measuring your ROI!

Online Business Management

Marketing, sales, customer service, logistics - everything you need for an online business, fully managed by us!

Firewalls and Encryption

We know how painful it is to loose your critical data to someone on transit. Encrypt and protect your data.

Virtual Private Hosting

Break away the chains of the limitations of shared web hosting and get yourself the real power of servers.

Virtual Private & Public Networks

Closed network, visible or invisible to the public network, accessible through secure tunnels, just for you.

Infrastructure as a Service

Big data analytics? media streaming? content delivery? auto-scaling resources? Managed IaaS, for you by us.

Big Data Analytics

Storage of your big data, processing, analytics and all the other headaches have a common answer, Consign IT.

Network Security

If you thought you did not have a need to protect your local network, you may be wrong. Ask us why.

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