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Evolution of MSME

Not only in India but even in global economy, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) has been vibrant. MSMEs are vital in providing employment at lower capital cost and help even the rural & backward areas reducing regional imbalances. However, MSMEs, by their nature have limited access to information and resources to keep up with the pace at which the markets change. Some of the challenges include

  • Lack of Information to Entrepreneurs
  • Lack of Skills Development Resources
  • Failed Traditional Marketing Approaches
  • Technology Upgradation Issues

Why is our process important for you?

Our process for the success of MSMEs is a result of our extensive learning over a decade, real-time experiments and learning from failures. It is important for every stakeholder in a business or non-profit to rightly implement this process. In order to make it affordable for MSMEs, most of the information are made completely free in our resources section. This should help you:

  • Develop Entrepreneurial Skills
  • Use Successful Marketing Approaches
  • Manage Technology Upgradation
  • Launch, Grow and Expand your Business or Non-profit

Our Process

Set Goals
Based on our client’s business strategies, we help them set specific goals that can be measured, achievable, and time-bound. KPIs and Metrics are defined.
We work together with the clients to achieve the KPIs based on the website specific metrics which were identified during the initial phase of setting goals.
Finally, we learn from our achievements, optimize for better performance, reiterate the process of setting goals. This is done periodically for consistent growth.

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