The freedom to make the best use of your domain name

The freedom to use your domain name

If you have already registered a domain name of your choice and wondering how to get started, here is a simple guide to help you understand how you can use the domain name. Firstly, you should realise that domain names are the primary pointers in your business. Domain names can point to various resources in your organisation. For example, the website, the emails, the file server, the document management system, the CRM, etc. Since domain names are of high value, it is vital to choose the right domain name for your business.

DNS Servers

To use the domain name as the primary pointer, you have something called a DNS server. You will store the directions to each service here. The DNS server translates the domain names and points to different IPs or DNS records for each service. Not every service provider also provides the DNS server. Therefore, you will end up using more than one service provider. An example of a typical multi-service provider set up would be something like:

  • Domain name registration provider
  • Website hosting provider
  • Email hosting provider
  • CRM service provider
  • Video hosting provider


So, when you have different service providers, it is essential that your domain name is easily accessible and registered with a reliable service provider. You will then update the nameservers to point this domain name to the DNS server. Your DNS server provider should be able to give you the nameservers, and it would look something similar to,, etc. Everything else happens on the DNS server. That is, the domain name points to different services like,,, etc.

What do all these mean to you? You have the complete freedom to use the domain name with any service provider irrespective of where it was registered.

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