A short introduction to Twitter

If you have signed up for a Twitter account and wanted to use it to promote your business and wondering what to do now, here is a very short introduction to Twitter which I thought might help you get started.

What is Twitter?

It is an information network. Information shared on this network is 280 characters long and known as tweets.

How useful is Twitter?

Twitter has a wealth of real-time information which is delivered right on your device. Although you would only see selected information delivered on your device, you have unlimited opportunities to search and find interesting topics and get real-time updates on that topic.

Using Twitter

Three actions used most often on Twitter are read, discover and write.

  • Read – You read tweets from your followers (a Twitter user you are subscribed to seeing their tweets on your device).
  • Discover – You search for a topic of your interest and drill down to discover more information.
  • Write – When you find some useful content you may want to write a tweet with 280 (or less) character.


That’s an example of a tweet from our handle which includes an image as well. Let us know what you think, in the comments section.

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Abilash Praveen

I'm the founder and lead strategist at Consign IT who is always keen to identify and solve real-world problems. I'm also Computer Science Engineer who is also passionate about entrepreneurship, leadership and empowerment, a senior member of the world's largest technical professional organization - IEEE, an avid blogger and a sought after motivational speaker who addresses various forums regularly.

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