How is Amazon Web Services useful for a small business?

Technology upgradation is challenging, especially given the pace at which they change. Small businesses must adapt to these changes. As a small business owner, you may be having certain challenges including:

  • Time: There is always little time to waste. Trial and error is not a term that can be used easily by a small business.
  • Resource: Getting a talented resource is a challenge. More so in retaining them.
  • Budget: Small businesses usually have a limited budget. There is not a lot of room for lavish expenses. One must be keen to know what they are spending on and how to cut costs.

If you haven’t already heard about AWS, I wanted to give you a quick overview of what it is like to your small business. AWS is the leading cloud service provider. You can read more about AWS from their website, as I’m not going into details on what’s AWS.

AWS Uses

Amazon Web Services or AWS has a lot to offer for small businesses. There are a variety of services that can match the requirements of any small business. Here are a few uses of Amazon Web Services for small businesses.

  • EC2 – Create your own virtual server and host your website with no limits on the disk size like on any shared hosting.
  • Auto-scaling – If you might become popular overnight, how are you going to handle the traffic to your website? Scale automatically and accept traffic with no limits!
  • VPC – Create your own cloud. Make it private or public. Connect through VPN. Secure your infrastructure.
  • S3 – File storage – Secure backups to a remote location.
  • SES – Send your marketing emails through AWS for a higher delivery rate. Manage your bounces and replies (this one is a little tricky though).
  • Workspaces – Virtual desktop service to take your desktop wherever you go and access from almost any device.


Time Saver

With AWS you save a lot of time that would otherwise go for installation, configuration and maintenance of hardware and applications. If you wanted a virtual desktop as you will always be on the move, it just takes a few minutes to launch one and start using it. This saves a lot of time in comparison with the traditional way of setting up a virtual desktop that includes setting up hardware, virtualization, installation of guest OS and all the other maintenance.

On-demand Pricing

This is a huge value addition to any small business. You only pay for what you use, making it very cost effective for the quality of services you receive. Consider you have a few files to share with your client. You don’t have to invest a huge sum on hardware and applications. You don’t have to pay a monthly subscription. You just use and pay for what you use. If you wanted to use it only for a few days, just pay for those days and not for an entire month.

Adapt to changes

The World is changing. If you want to be successful in your small business, you have to adapt to the changes. With cloud, IoT, Big Data and other new technologies disrupting how we do business, I think it is time you upgrade your technology today. AWS could be one of your options. Leave your comments below to tell us what you think.

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